Decluttering For a Simpler Life

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH/ESPAÑOL This month's series is all about decluttering. These days many are talking about its benefits. Believe it or not, it is a key component of a simpler life. However, its benefits go far beyond having a clean sparkly house. It helps us clear our thoughts, understand our emotions, focus on our goals, and... Continue Reading →

Mommy Burnout: The Whats.

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH/ESPAÑOL This week I will continue with the mommy burnout topic. As mentioned in my last post, after feeling like falling apart, my first step was to ask myself the two whats. Today I will discuss the first one: What is burning you mentally, physically, and emotionally? This is key to simplify our lives... Continue Reading →

Healthy Eating: Simple Meals’ Ideas

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH/ESPAÑOL We made it to the end of the Healthy Eating series with Simple Meal Ideas! By now, you should know that for THIS simple woman, healthy eating is all about balance, simplicity, and affordability. If you don't, then check out all my posts for this series. Simple Woman vs. Food – Our Relationship... Continue Reading →

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