Decluttering for a Simpler Life: Physical Clutter

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH/ESPAÑOL Have you heard of Marie Kondo and the sparks of joys? Perhaps you have heard about the story of stuff? Or maybe about the impact our linear economy and over-consumerism is having on our planet?. How about the impact of all the things we own on our mental health and finances? Ahhh Now… Continue Reading →

Decluttering For a Simpler Life: Mental Clutter

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH/ESPAÑOL Decluttering, Decluttering, Decluttering! That’s all we hear these days. We all want a clean, neat, and sophisticated home. However, decluttering is much more than that. It is more of a lifestyle change, where you focus on simplifying your life by getting rid of what is not useful to make room for what actually… Continue Reading →

Decluttering For a Simpler Life

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH/ESPAÑOL This month’s series is all about decluttering. These days many are talking about its benefits. Believe it or not, it is a key component of a simpler life. However, its benefits go far beyond having a clean sparkly house. It helps us clear our thoughts, understand our emotions, focus on our goals, and… Continue Reading →

Mommy Burnout: What Brings Joy and Happiness

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH/ESPAÑOL We tend to think the joy in the motherhood era is all about just being a mom and feel blessed for having our kids. Well, that is great, but we also need to ALWAYS remember our individualism. Responsibilities and to-do lists are part of the motherhood deal, but balance is crucial in this… Continue Reading →

Mommy Burnout: The Whats.

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH/ESPAÑOL This week I will continue with the mommy burnout topic. As mentioned in my last post, after feeling like falling apart, my first step was to ask myself the two whats. Today I will discuss the first one: What is burning you mentally, physically, and emotionally? This is key to simplify our lives… Continue Reading →

YES, to a Simpler Life! NO, to the Mommy Burnout

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH/ESPAÑOL Motherhood is a roller coaster of emotions. It goes from the happiest day of your life down to the more stressful and frustrating ones and then back up again to the most beautiful moment where you build the memories of a lifetime. During that lifelong ride, we label ourselves as a Mom and… Continue Reading →

A Simple Woman a Simple Mom: Happy Mothers Day!

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH/ESPAÑOL Happy Mothers Day!! Today we celebrate all those amazing moms out there. And guess what? This month’s series is dedicated to all of us. Why? Well, first of all, because we are awesome. Second, I started this blog to share my journey toward a simpler life because I wasted so many years struggling… Continue Reading →

Zero Waste For A Simpler Life: The Benefits

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH/ESPAÑOL Let’s make April Earth month!! This monthly series is all about my Zero Waste journey toward a simpler life. During the last post, I shared the Zero Waste basics: refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot. This post is all about the benefits of a Zero Waste lifestyle, based on my journey. I am… Continue Reading →


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