Decluttering For a Simpler Life: Mental Clutter


Decluttering, Decluttering, Decluttering! That’s all we hear these days. We all want a clean, neat, and sophisticated home. However, decluttering is much more than that. It is more of a lifestyle change, where you focus on simplifying your life by getting rid of what is not useful to make room for what actually does. This change comes from the inside out. You can declutter your house as many times as you want, but if you are not focused or lack vision, then the clutter will find its way back into your life. So, first, you need to declutter your mind to focus, then deal with the physical clutter.

“Simplicity is never a matter of circumstances…

Simplicity is always a matter of FOCUS.”

– Ann Voskamp

Top Three of Decluttering Your Mind

It is common for a woman to be the master planner, events coordinator, and administrator in her household. It is overwhelming! Hence, our minds get cluttered with things to plan and do unexpected drama, finding work/family balance, and all the other things we need to remember or get done for our families and us.

Our minds are like a supercomputer. The computer can handle a lot, but its memory is a finite resource. It is limited. If the memory is full, then the computer will slow down and won’t perform efficiently. If the computer is not a good example for you, then try to do the same analogy using your cellphone this time. I’m sure all those videos and photos are taking a toll on its performance. The same happens to our minds.

Mental clutter is a real thing and impacts everything and everyone around you. However, some techniques and tools help decluttering our minds. Here are my top three:

  • Say YES to planners, to-do lists and journals. Think of a memory dump or external hard drive to store and organize everything in your mind. Their ultimate goal is to help clear your mind. So, take advantage of them.
  • Single tasking. So, write a to-do list of everything you want to get done in a day/week/month. Then use your planner to plan when you will be focusing on and doing each of the tasks. I do this at home and work. Best thing ever! If you want to accomplish something, focus on that, and reach your goal faster and more efficiently.
  • STOP Overthinking! This is powerful! Do not jump to conclusions out of stress, fear, or insecurities. Pause for a moment and think about what is going on. Then mentally ask yourself why this is happening, what is the story behind. This will help you have an objective point of view over the situation to act accordingly.

Nowadays is considered normal the fact we are rushing through life. We are overloaded daily with tons of information, stress, lack of time and self-care, and unnecessary stuff we don’t even care about. In this sense, decluttering our minds is critical for our mental health. Having a simpler life focuses on what matters and getting rid of what does not. Now, this is easier to say it than do it. The reason why we need to create the habit of being kind to our minds.

All three tips listed above are really helpful. They have really helped me:

  • Organizing my thoughts
  • Clear my mind
  • Plan, coordinate and communicate family activities, including meals, vacations, weekends, weeknights, doctor appointments, important family dates to remember, etc.
  • Get rid of mental fatigue
  • Accomplish goals
  • Be more efficient
  • Simplify my life
  • much more…

So, go ahead and give it a try. Create the habit of taking 5 minutes every day to decluttering your mind. Believe me, you won’t regret it. The best part? You are a step closer to focus on the simpler life you want. Remember, it all starts with the decision we make. So, make the decision to simplify your life from the inside out. Until next time.

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