Decluttering For a Simpler Life


This month’s series is all about decluttering. These days many are talking about its benefits. Believe it or not, it is a key component of a simpler life. However, its benefits go far beyond having a clean sparkly house. It helps us clear our thoughts, understand our emotions, focus on our goals, and enjoy a simplified life. Easy right? Not really, but I have learned two things to focus on when getting started with decluttering. These are the physical clutter around us and the mental clutter inside us.

Declutter your Environment

This is one of the most important decluttering lessons I have learned over the years. The environment you live in affects your quality of life physically, mentally, and emotionally. As for environment, I mean:

  • House
  • Workplace
  • Vacations or getaway places
  • Car
  • Neighborhood
  • Digital

Yes! I know it sounds simple, but it is true. Now, what is not simple is realizing the impact that clutter in your environment is having on your daily life. I spent many years living in a cluttered environment. I felt like everywhere I looked was full of unorganized stuff, and I had no place to go. I was coming home to the same mess every single day. No matter how much I cleaned, for some reason, there were stuffs everywhere.

This was my messy kitchen a few years ago. Could you imagine coming home after a long day at work to cook dinner in this mess? After discovering the magic of decluttering, I changed my environment, which in returned changed me from the inside out.

Declutter your Mind

Again, look at my kitchen’s pictures and ask yourself which makes you feel calmed and relaxed. The first picture was from my pre-simple woman life when I was always rushed; the second after trying to organize my life; the third is after I decided to simplify my life, starting with getting rid of all the useless stuffs that were serving my family and me no purpose. At that point, I realized that,

“Outer Order contributes to Inner Calm”

~ Gretchen Ruben

Yes! As simple as that! You just need to focus on a simpler life. So, in this series, you will find my top three pieces of advice for decluttering your environment and mind, plus my experience doing the Minimalists Challenge for decluttering my house with my family. Until next week! 

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