Mommy Burnout: The Whats.


This week I will continue with the mommy burnout topic. As mentioned in my last post, after feeling like falling apart, my first step was to ask myself the two whats. Today I will discuss the first one: What is burning you mentally, physically, and emotionally? This is key to simplify our lives based on what is affecting our health. For sure, you want to know what is affecting your health, so you can either stop doing it or simplify it.

Many people explained mommy burnout as chronic stress affecting your health. For me, it was more than that. Our bodies are all wired together in the sense that if something happened to one part, others would react. If one does not work, the other will try but eventually will stop working because the overload is too much to handle. That was what happened to me. So, I paused for a moment to try to identify the source of my burnout.

The first step was to assess myself and identify the source of my burnout. In my case, I made a list of house chores, assigned symbols representing each family member, and then put the symbol of who was actually doing X-Y chores next to it. Turned out most of the chores had my symbol. I was doing it all. That was my assessment. What did I do next? I shared responsibilities, got rid of what wasn’t necessary, delegated chores, and simplified mines. It was a long process, but it did pay off in the end. For this post, I have the following table that may be helpful when doing your own assessment. Remember, this is just for helping you get started; you can always make it your own.

How to use the table?

  1. Task – List all of your daily tasks. Be honest here. The list should include EVERYTHING that you do.
  2. Is this task MY responsibility? Sometimes we tend to do a lot for others, and most of the time, it should not be our responsibility.
  3. Is this task really a need? Many times we take on tasks that are just pointless without even noticing. So, ask yourself if this task is really a need.
  4. Can I delegate the task? This is different than tasks that are not your responsibility. Instead, these are tasks that you may be doing for your family but can be delegated to other family members. This is more like a teamwork approach, which in the end, is how a family should work.
  5. Assign a priority ranking. Why? Well, because there are tasks, you will need to do whether you like it or not. Those are the ones you need to focus on simplifying, get them done, and move on to the next one.
  6. Can I simplify it? Think about if your daily tasks can be simplified. There are different ways to get from point A to B, right? Sometimes there are always shortcuts or back roads that may help us get to where we want without exhausting ourselves.

After you finish with the table, it will be easier to identify what is burning you out and deal with it. This could be by delegating, not taking on others’ responsibilities, or simplifying a task. The table is only for guidance. The idea is to assess ourselves and take action. Mommy burnout is real. Thankfully, we are not alone.

Most importantly, we can be each other support system. I got you mamacita! Let’s make each other stronger and enjoy life. Until next time!

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