YES, to a Simpler Life! NO, to the Mommy Burnout


Motherhood is a roller coaster of emotions. It goes from the happiest day of your life down to the more stressful and frustrating ones and then back up again to the most beautiful moment where you build the memories of a lifetime. During that lifelong ride, we label ourselves as a Mom and nothing else. We tend to forget our individualism and devote entirely to taking care of our families. Resulting in mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion! This is also called Mommy burnout.

Many of us have been there to that point when you cry every day alone, in silence, while taking a shower after a long day. You cry because you are exhausted, grumpy, don’t like this person you have become, and can’t take it anymore. Then you cry even more out of guilty because motherhood is a blessing, and you should be grateful. For many years that was me. Until I realized this supermom has the superpower to changes everything. If I was the manager in my house, why not put everything to work in my favor and ease my load? It does make sense, right? However, it is not that easy, but neither impossible. So my first step was to ask myself the two whats. So let’s start with that. If writing down a list works for you, then go for it. This will help with sorting them in order of priority and make your decision making process easier.

What is draining you mentally, physically, and emotionally?

Knowing what is draining you is the first step. Then, stop and reflect on what is taking a toll on you mentally, physically, and emotionally. The point here is to identify what needs to be changed based on how it affects your health. It is not easy to do so when you are always on the go. So, take your time, look around and inside you, and try to be honest with yourselves. Only you know the source of your burnout.

What brings you joy and happiness?

Balance is essential, especially when it comes to our health. We will always have responsibilities and something to get done. However, it is important to know what makes us happy and do it often. There is no better medicine for burnout than taking a moment for ourselves. It is like re-energizing your soul.

Next Step? Take Action

Only you can change what does not work in your life to make room for what it does. Therefore, taking action has to do with finding a more efficient way to get things done. The ultimate goal is to simplify your life. However, simple life does not mean finding the easy way out, but taking care of our responsibilities more efficiently to enjoy our lives without exhausting ourselves.

This post may be short but to the point. There is no reason to make the matter more complicated than it already is. There is no science or statistic, or endless research about Mommy burnout. Just ask yourselves the questions above so you take actions that will really make a difference. Until next week!

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