A Simple Woman a Simple Mom: Happy Mothers Day!


Happy Mothers Day!! Today we celebrate all those amazing moms out there. And guess what? This month’s series is dedicated to all of us. Why? Well, first of all, because we are awesome. Second, I started this blog to share my journey toward a simpler life because I wasted so many years struggling to balance everything going on in my life until I found a way to simplify it. Specially when it comes to family and work.

Motherhood is intense at so many levels. Sometimes we don’t know which way to go, what else to do, or even if we are doing it right. So far, the changes I have made really helped me enjoy more quality time with my family, and those are the ones I will be sharing during this month’s series. Starting next week! Because today we are celebrating the awesomeness of motherhood! US!

Many years ago, I went to a youth class at church. During the workshop, I remember being asked to write a note to my mom thanking her for giving me the gift of life. I remember writing something different from what I was asked. Yes, sometimes I can be kind of a rebel. I remember she started crying when reading the note. Back then, I thought she was just happy with my writing. Now that I’m also a mom, I understand. Today, I celebrate my beautiful mom! I could not have become the mom I’m today without you. Oh, and just as a refresher…here is my note with something extra!

Thank you, Mami, for giving me YOUR life….and teaching me how to be a Princess Warrior!

I love you! Always and forever!

– Me

Just a fun fact about me, I’m the second and only female out of five children. Sometimes people were surprised by that fact and told my mom, “She is the queen of the house.”. My mom always replied back, “She can be the princess, because I AM the QUEEN.” So, whoever is your queen, tell her how much you love and appreciate her. That is all for today. Until next week!

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