Zero Waste For A Simpler Life: The Benefits


Let’s make April Earth month!! This monthly series is all about my Zero Waste journey toward a simpler life. During the last post, I shared the Zero Waste basics: refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot. This post is all about the benefits of a Zero Waste lifestyle, based on my journey. I am sure there are many more benefits, but the environment, health, and saving money have been the key motivators for my family and I.

Environmental Footprint

Our Earth is reacting to our disposable, throw-away culture. I have learned about plastic pollution, consumerism and our finite natural resources, fast fashion environmental impact, and linear economy. The numbers are concerning! Our Earth is finite itself, so the more we consume, the less will be available for others, for next generations, for our children and grandchildren. Following ALL basic Zero Waste concepts help minimize our environmental footprint and create a more circular economy. Our waste is turned into resources (e.g., no waste = zero waste), hence preserving our finite natural resources.

Limit Plastic Consumption Due to Plastic Pollution

Have you ever thought about those plastic containers where we store and heat up our food? Have you ever wondered what happens with the plastic while heating up your food? Well, it goes into your food and into your belly! I know! Gross! Not only that, we consume plastic in many ways without even knowing it. Plastic pollution is a real problem that compromises our health. Instead of using plastic, we can use other materials that are not toxic, durable, and 100% recycled for an unlimited amount of time. Key concepts here are refuse single-use plastic, reduce the use of plastic items, get durable items you can reuse, and recycle unlimited times.

Reduce Foodprint and Have Healthier Eating Habits

While reducing our foodprint, developing healthier eating habits has been another benefit of a Zero Waste lifestyle. We waste a lot of food! This is a waste of the resources used for creating/growing our food and a huge contributor to greenhouse gases! To minimize our family foodprint, I have found the best way is to support local farmers; buy only what we are going to eat, and compost what we could not consume. But how come Zero Waste helps with having healthier eating habits? Well, farmers grow fresh vegetables and fruits. If you want to know more about my healthy eating habits, click here. So, reduce and rot have really helped me minimizing our family’s foodprint.

Saving Money

Saving money is an excellent motivator for many people to adopt a Zero Waste lifestyle. You will reduce your consumerism, refuse to waste your money on stuff that is not meant to last and reuse what you already have. You may think sustainable options are expensive, but the truth is they are not. It is cheaper to buy a reusable item once than keep buying single-use ones over and over again. Although, you don’t need to purchase anything. Just reuse what you (or someone else) already have.

Choosing a Zero Waste lifestyle has many more benefits than the ones mentioned in this post. However, I believe any person can get motivated by at least one of the benefits I said. We all want money for traveling. We all want to visit beautiful places around our Earth. We all want health to do so. Well, refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot and you may be able to do so!

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