Healthy Eating: Simple Snack Ideas


Snacks these days come in every size, shape, and budget. When it comes to snacks, the first thing coming to my mind are mangoes and tomatoes. These are two of my favorites fruits. Both are packed with a lot of nutrients and come in many varieties. For me, there is nothing simpler than eating fruits for a snack. Of course, our bodies need other nutrients to keep going throughout the day. So, I have learned to incorporate veggies, nuts, and other healthier food into my snacks. Of course, always keeping in mind balance, simplicity, and affordability.

Balance your snacks

As I mentioned during my last week post, balance is essential to provide our bodies with everything it needs. Think about healthy food diversity when choosing your snacks, and you won’t have to put your energy into counting calories, sugar, or fats. Don’t feel guilty if you spoil your sweet-tooth once in a while. Sometimes I would have a Snickers chocolate bar for a snack, which is just fine with me.

Keep it simple

There is no reason for a healthy snack to be complicated or take a lot of time to prepare—the simplest, the better. The internet is full of healthy snack recipes packed with a lot of nutrients. To be honest, there is no need to have ALL nutrient-packed in ONE snack. We can get all nutrients our bodies need throughout the day by eating various snacks and meals.

Re-defined affordability

As anything labeled Healthy Eating, snacks also fall under the expensive healthy food category. If we are mindful of our expenses and the food we buy, healthy snacks can actually be affordable. Throughout the years, I have come to learned:

  1. Not to buy healthy snacks at work. Just to give some perspective here, a banana at my workplace cafeteria is a dollar something, while I just bought 4 pounds of bananas for $2.45 at the grocery store. Stop paying premiums for food you can buy way cheaper.
  2. Eat the produce we buy! Sometimes we go to the grocery store and start filling our carts with all the healthy food we put our eyes on. The truth is, there is so much you can eat. So, don’t waste your money on food you won’t eat. When it comes to fresh fruits and vegetables, be mindful of what you are getting. Plan your snacks and buy what you need. Always be aware of the produce’s shelf life. 
  3. Bring the snacks along with you. Every time we go on a road trip, camping, hike, park, work, etc., I bring snacks. I pack snacks for the whole family. This way we enjoy, eat healthy snacks and save money.

For healthier snacks, it is essential to have balance, keep it simple, and buy what we can afford. Below I’m sharing some of my more common go-to snacks, just for inspiration. They are NOT nut-free, so be aware if you have any food allergies. Remember to always do what works for you and your family.

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