Physical Health: Gym Membership – My Lessons Learned


Have you ever found yourself saying, “I need to start going to the gym”? We tend to believe that for having a healthier body going to the gym is a requirement. The truth is, you don’t need expensive gym memberships for having a healthier body. The definition of a healthy body goes beyond a gym membership or having a perfect body (more of this during my next post). As I have said throughout this month, you just need to get moving and listen and take care of your body. I’m NOT saying a gym membership is a no-go. I have been a member of different types of gyms over the years: paid and free. None of them worked for me but taught me valuable lessons to finally define what a healthy body means to me.

Free Gym Memberships

Yes, there are free gym memberships. Where? These are the gyms you have available in your community or workplace. I had lived in places where a gym is available for residents. Never used those. For the last 10 years (YES! A DECADE), I have been having access to my workplace’s gym as part of the benefits offered my employer. Best part? All employees have a certain amount of paid work hours every week for working out. WHATTT???? Yes, my employer pay ME for going to the gym. Obviously, I have used those….

The first time I went was with some friends from work. Then I started going with my team co-workers. Background story…..For most of my jobs, I have been the only lady in the rooms. Back then, the team I worked with were all very active males and had a fixed time to workout during their work schedule. So I joined them. I had a great time with them, and if my memory serves me well, that was the only time I have had a regular gym schedule.

The second time, in my current workplace, I don’t have my workout buddies to go to the gym. Still, I tried to go a few times, but then I quit using the excuse of being too busy at work and not having time for working out.

Lesson Learned: The blessing of having a workout buddy.

Paid Gym Memberships

As I mentioned during my last post, I started “working out” in my mid-twenties. A few years ago (more like over a decade ago…), one of those nation-wide gyms opened in my hometown. I went in to check it out with my mom and fell in love with the spinning classes. Even though my leg got stuck in the bike’s pedal during the trial class, I’m still fell in love with it. Kind of a love and hurt relationship! So, I enrolled in their yearly auto-renewal memberships. Not surprisingly, I ended up only taking a few spinning classes and paying for 5 years of the gym membership. Not that the gym didn’t work, more like I wasn’t committed to it.

Lesson Learned: Create habits, commit to them and enjoy success.

A second chance… As recently as two years ago, I enrolled in another gym. This time was different. The membership was through my health insurance. It was waaaaaaaaaaayyyyy cheaper than enrolling through the gym and could cancel anytime with no penalty fees. Plus, I got to work out with one of my dear friends. A minor tiny detail, now I have kids and busier life. Even if I was committed to it, which I was, I was struggling with finding the time to go to the gym.

Lesson Learned: Simplify your daily routine and prioritize a healthier lifestyle.

In the end…

I’m a crazy, always evolving, simple woman. As I keep adopting a healthier lifestyle, more lessons learned will come my way. Until then, my gym place is one with endless possibilities and no boundaries. I can try whatever, whenever, and with whoever. I needed motivation and healthier habits for having a regular workout schedule, which seems possible now, thanks to a simplified lifestyle.

Lesson Learned: A healthy body is love, is care, is thankfulness. Your body is your forever home and your life partner. Be its guardian. Take care of it, respect it, love it, and be thankful for everything it does for you. Because you and your body are perfect for each other.

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