Physical Health: In-home Workout Routines I Have Tried


Last week I talked about the relationship between emotional and physical health. This week we will continue with the physical health series talking about some of the in-home workout routines I have tried over the years: DVDs and streaming. Yes, I have tried them both. If you are wondering about DVDs, let me start with they are not that ancient. They were available to the public in the 90s and kind of a big deal. Now there are also streaming workouts available, which kicked the DVDs out of the game. Many of the options I tried in DVD are now on-demand. However, both are affordable, flexible, and simple workout alternatives.

I have never been athletic or into sports. I like dancing, hiking, and camping! I started working out in my mid-twenties or so. Why? I owned my first car when I was 25 years old. Before that, I walked and used public transportation. That was A LOT of walking!


Expending $$ monthly on workout subscriptions is a no go I learned the hard way—more about that on my next post. So, I’m always looking at affordable options. Both DVDs and streaming workouts met those requirements.

  • DVDs format – The ones I have tried
    • BeachBody P90X – The only one I have actually finished. These were borrowed and free. These are now available on-demand.
    • Jillian Michaels – These were really good. No for free, but less than $10 at Costco. Now Jillian Michaels has an app for access to all her DVD and more.
    • Lindsay Brin’s – These are for post-natal workouts, not the best option for my body.
  • Streaming Format – The ONLY one I have tried
    • MuTu System – The only streaming workout I have tried. Focused on women with diastasis recti. Do what now? Diastasis recti is a muscle separation some women get after pregnancy. When I bought it, additional to these exercises’ primary focus wasn’t a streaming subscription but a one-time payment lifetime subscription. Even if exercises or entire workouts are changed over time, I will still have access to them. After buying the services, you will get the equipment for all workouts and access to the platform. The cost was less than $200.
  • Other options available – The ones I plan to try!
    • There are other streaming options available at the price tag I like, FREE:
      • Body Coach TV – Includes Seniors and kids workouts!
      • POP Sugar Fitness – Barre, Yoga, Hip Hop and family workouts. Lot of options.
      • Blogilates – Over ten years in YouTube. Tons of workouts. Even cheap and healthy eating videos.


This is a must-have for me. Due to my crazy schedule, flexibility is a crucial player in my daily routine. I need to know that if I miss the day or time scheduled for working out, I won’t be wasting my money or stressing out over it. I would just need to reschedule for a later time. Flexibility equals no stress or rushing over.


When it comes to workout routines, I like them simple, efficient, and effective. I don’t want any expensive, large or tricky to use exercise equipment. Filling a space in my house with those items is the same as having clutters, which stresses me. In my case, I just need to get moving to boost my energy and get rid of all the stress and toxins in my body.

Both DVDs and streaming were good options for me at a given time. Why I stopped using them? Well, there are a few reasons. First, sometimes you need to listen to your body. Like it or not, some things won’t work for me. Second, you just need a bit of motivation. Regardless, the ultimate goal is to move your body. It is like when you have a bike sitting in your garage for years. It will get rusty over time, and it will be hard to ride it. The same happens to the body. As simple as that. So take it out for a ride and don’t let it get rusty.

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