San Valentine’s Day: Emotional and Physical Health Got Married


Welcome February and Mr. Valentine! This monthly series is all about my journey toward a healthier body, and I want to introduce the month by sharing what I will be doing with my family and friends this February. If you wonder why? Well, there is a relationship between emotional and physical health. We need to love what is inside of us to take care of our bodies. So, this Valentine’s day, let’s ditch the stress, disappointment, forget about expectations and simply enjoy.

Let’s start talking about the extraordinary relationship between physical and emotional health. Throughout the years, I have seen first hand how these two don’t work as individuals but as a team. Yes, if one is upset, the other will follow. It is as simple as that. For me, stress manifests as shoulders and lower back pain. It is excruciating and took me a while to understand the cause of my physical pain. Still a work in progress, but I have learned to disagree and to let go of what I can’t control, and just simplifying my life, filling it with things that matter to me. So, let’s share the love!

1. Enjoy the magic of music.
Music is magical. It has the superpower of bringing people together. Music does not matter if you know the moves, but only that you feel it. When you really feel the music and just dance to its tune, your body and mind feel free. You don’t remember being upset while dancing or worried or stressed out. Music helps you to lose your muscles and get rid of the toxins in your body. Music makes you fall in love with yourself, and of course, you want to share it with your loved ones.

For this Valentine’s Day, my family and I will be learning to play the Ukulele. Yes, it will be awesome. Let’s play some music and dance. But first, we would need to build the Ukulele, which brings me to the next point.

2. Let’s get creative
Big fan of creativity here! This is something kind of a big deal in our house. We want our kids to be creative and know there are no limits. The sentiment of accomplishing something using your imagination and bare hands brings that self-esteem and resilience that you can do anything. So, that is the reason why my family and I will be building and decorating a Ukulele. These Ukulele kits are very affordable on Amazon. Ours were $13.99 each and free shipping with Prime. There are tons of YouTube videos showing how to build, decorate and play the Ukulele. What else do we need for this event? Let’s have some pizza as well! Creativity, music, and pizza sound like a pretty awesome Valentine’s Day party to me.

3. Connect with others
We are living in a new era, a new normal. So, take advantage of the new virtual era and connect with family and friends from all over. Best part? Connecting with others is fun and free. You don’t have to spend a dime. That’s exactly what I will be doing with my extended family. We are planing a virtual Family Doodling Night. There is an awesome YouTube channel, Art for kids hub, where kids are taught how to doodle. We love this channel, and having all the kids showing off their creativity and artistic skills is priceless.

I also hosted a Lady’s Night at the beginning of the month with some of my friends. This was a virtual Paint Night. Tons of fun! Now, it wasn’t for free, but affordable. We purchased an instructional video online for $15.00 and played via Zoom during our virtual Paint Night. Just an FYI, there are tons of free options on YouTube as well.

4. Ours Us We Together

My husband and I have been together for a long time. We don’t guess what the other wants anymore. He knows I don’t like stuffed animals, but chocolates. Getting me flowers is a waste of money. Going out to fancy places does not work when you have little kids and no nanny. I don’t need or want more things at our house.

In the same way, I know he loves being at home, eat yummy food, watch a movie, and have a good time chillaxing together. That is exactly what we will be doing. We will be taking an online mixology class (it is really a FREE mixology YouTube channel), got a mixing kit, have some finger food, and then watch a movie together. Very simple and chillaxing. The way we like it.

I know that stress and all other emotions are part of our daily life. There is no way around it. However, we can find a way to improve our emotional health by letting go of what we can’t control and enjoying the simple things in life. There is nothing more relaxing than drinking a cup of coffee in the morning with the people you love while enjoying the view.

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  1. Amiga thank you for this wonderful post. I needed to hear this stressful time. I totally agree about the connection between emotional and physical, and I love your ideas for zoom calls and date nights! Can’t wait to hear about learning the ukulele! Aloha ❤️

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