A Simple Resolution for 2021


A new year is coming, and with that, our desire to have a fresh start. So, every year we find ourselves navigating cyberspace looking for the best New Year’s resolution. Sounds familiar, right? Ah, but THIS year! EVERYTHING is different! 2020 has been a wild ride for sure and has taught us how to slow down and focus on what matters and make us happy, hence enjoying the simple things in life. So, how can we have a New Year’s resolution for a simpler life?

For me, this is very simple; the best New Year’s resolution is not to have any resolution at all. You may think I’m crazy, and to be honest, it could be the case. However, I have never made a single New Year’s resolution in my life. Instead, I focus on goals, getting better, and enjoy the little moments that build up our best memories.

Usually, the most common resolutions are budgeting, working out more, and having a healthier diet. If you think about it, those should be long-term goals for having a healthy lifestyle, which in return, simplify our life.

Resolution #1: Budgeting

We all need money to cover the basic and simple things in life. Not having it bring us a lot of stress, hence compromising our physical and mental health. During this last year, we have learned to optimize our budget, regardless of our income. So far have been able to keep our finances in order and plan for the future while enjoying the present.

Resolution #2: Working Out More

A healthier body a simpler life. The body was design to move. You don’t need a workout routine or expensive gym membership to keep your body moving. During the last year I haven’t been able to go to the gym, so we have been hiking. Not a sunny day? No problem. Just turn on the music or YouTube, and dance!

Resolution #3: Having a Healthier Diet

The body needs fuel, high-quality fuel, to run efficiently. I know fresh vegetables and fruits are expensive. However, having a budget and meal prep and planning help in making healthy food affordable.

During my journey to become a simpler woman, I have learned to turn the most common resolutions into goals. It didn’t happen overnight. Each one of them has been a journey of its own. It took me years to get where I’m now. So, for this New Year, let’s forget about making a resolutions list. Instead, write down those goals you want to achieve in life and focus on them while enjoying the ride.

For THIS simple woman, a simple Holiday season is to be with my family and create awesome memories together, which makes this my last post for 2020. More to come in 2021! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

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