Una Simple Resolución Para 2021

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH/ESPAÑOL Se acerca un nuevo año y con él nuestro deseo de tener un nuevo comienzo. Cada año nos encontramos navegando el Internet en busca de la mejor resolución de Año Nuevo. Suena familiar, ¿verdad? ¡Ah, pero ESTE año! ¡Todo es diferente! 2020 ha sido sin duda un año lleno de retos para todos... Continue Reading →

A Simple Resolution for 2021

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH/ESPAÑOL A new year is coming, and with that, our desire to have a fresh start. So, every year we find ourselves navigating cyberspace looking for the best New Year's resolution. Sounds familiar, right? Ah, but THIS year! EVERYTHING is different! 2020 has been a wild ride for sure and has taught us how... Continue Reading →

How To Simplify The Toys’ Mess!

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH/ESPAÑOL Toys Toys Toys! Guess what is coming soon! MORE toys toys toys! Which means more of a mess around the house. How to organize the toys for the ultimate goal of not having a mess around the house is something I have learned the hard way. There is none hack-the-toys technique to get... Continue Reading →

Elf on the Shelf Simplified

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH/ESPAÑOL Special delivery, straight from the North Pole, the elves have arrived! And with them, the endless search for Elf on the Shelf ideas! After Thanksgiving, we all know who comes to visit! Whether you have a shelf or not, the elves are here to stay until Christmas Eve morning. These little guys are... Continue Reading →

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