Best Thanksgiving Quotes


Thanksgiving kicks off the Season of Giving. With that, we all start looking for that great and cool Thank You quote to post on social media. Well, this year, I decided my best Thanksgiving quotes will be meaningful, as they come from the people I love and care about. 

As we all move into the virtual Season of Giving era, I wanted to feel the warmth that only family can bring. So, my family and I did two simple things:

  1. Thanksgiving Quotes from our family. 

We downloaded the “2020 Family Gratitude Challenge” from the Big Life Journal blog, wrote down what we were grateful for, and hung it up on the wall as part of our Christmas decoration. I love what my kids are thankful for. It seems my husband and I are rocking this parenthood thing! 

  1. Thanksgiving Quotes from our extended family and good friends.  

I asked family and friends to help me write this post by providing their Thank You quote for this Thanksgiving. This was awesome! I can feel the warmth on each one of their quotes below.

As I was writing this post, I realized the Season of Giving starts with Thanksgiving, when we all give thanks for what we treasure the most. I don’t believe that is a coincidence. So, this Thanksgiving, let’s all be grateful for The Joy of Life. 

Thank you for the opportunity to be a parent and having a beautiful family.

– Partner in life

Thank you for your time and for listening.

– Always a smile

Doy gracias al Señor por concedernos su proteccion durante esta pandemia y darnos la capacidad para estar unidos en familia.

– Invencible

Gracias Señor por haberme preservado la vida hasta el presente y darme la oportunidad de compartir con la familia.

– Moviendo Montañas

Gracias por mi hermosa familia, especialmente por mis nietos que tanto amo.

– Reina de Corazones

I’m thankful for my family, been blessed with 3 kiddos, my sunshine’s. My husband ( my headache and I’m his headache), my parents, that brought me into this crazy world with a purpose. My husband’s family that took me as one of their own, and been there from day one. Supported me during one of the hardest time of my life I couldn’t do it without them.

– Rock n Love

Thank you for everything my family has done for me and supporting me through this COVID-19.

– Titi’s Girl

Doy gracias por toda mi familia.

– La musica del alma

Doy gracias por mi SALUD y la de mi familia.

– La Soñadora

I am grateful for being blessed with an amazing family.

– Proud father

I am grateful for my mom and dad.

– An angel

Thank you for the joy of life.

– Soulmate

I’m thankful for the simple things. For the safety and health of my family and I. Thanks 2020 for all the smiles and stories shared with my family and friends. The 2020 has given me the opportunity to appreciate some of the simple things in life and for that I’m extremely thankful!

– Peace and Love

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