A Simple Treat for Halloween

This may not be a simplified version of trick-or-treating, but a simple way to take advantage of the Halloween festivities and beginning of Fall season to have fun as a family and a simple treat.

A few years ago, I thought my daughter was old enough to do something fun, other than dressing up, asking for candies, and having my husband and I getting prettified from the cold when going on trick or treating. Well, back then, my version of fun was to go on shopping looking for something to do, not sure what it was, but anything would do….or so I thought. I found Halloween’s theme cookie cutters on sale, which was a win-win for me, cheap and fun. New family tradition? Oh Yeah! Baking cookies on Halloween it was. Turned out that year, I did not have the time for baking cookies and ended up not using the cookie cutters at all.

The year after, I decided to give the Halloween tradition a try again. You know? Sometimes I can be soooooooooooooooooo strong-headed, and here I went pushing the Halloween baking cookies tradition on my family. I know! I did not get the memo; this would be a NO-GO!

On top of the baking, I decided to add something else. You know? Just for having fun. Instead of giving away candies, I wanted something low waste, fun, and the whole family to participate. Making Jack O’ Lantern using oranges seems like a really cool option for my family. IT WAS! IT REALLY WAS!!! We had fun painting the oranges (don’t worry, we use food coloring pencils!), plus they were ready before Halloween night. Fun with the family and something less to worry or stress about. OH YEAH!!! Now we are talking. Wait wait! Are you wondering about the Halloween baking cookies tradition? E P I C F A I L U R E!!

Baking cookies while answering the door for trick or treaters was not a good idea. Of course, my daughter was more interested in answering the door and giving candies than baking cookies. Did I mention we were wearing costumes while baking? YEP and moving on.

What did I learn? Painting Jack O Lantern on oranges was a great idea. The family had a great time laughing at each other creations (that HA moment when Jack O Lantern looks more like Frankenstein!), and still to these days, my daughter still remembers the funny looking oranges. That takes us into this year’s Halloween. Are you ready for this? Here what WE (the whole family) did:

  1. In the first week of October, we put up the Christmas tree.
  2. Re-purposed Christmas ornaments to fit the Halloween theme. We had a lot of fun coloring Jack and turning him into a Spooky rainbow! I bet he never saw that one coming.
  3. Added more decoration to the tree. Instead of shopping at the stores, I went shopping around the house for something fun to make. Salt dough ornaments were the winners. We made the salt dough, cut the decorations, baked, painted, and hanged them in our Halloween tree! What was the shape of our ornaments? Well, remember the cookie-cutter? I FINALLY GOT TO USE THEM! In the end, the decorations ended up really looking like Frankenstein, even some of the pumpkins! So funny!
  4. We went to the pumpkin patch, got some pumpkins, decorated them, and put them under the tree.
  5. Got a big bag of candies, used paper goodie bags from one of my daughter’s birthday, filled with sweets, and put some stickers on them.

This year we did everything as a family and had fun during the entire month of October. Best part? We have everything ready ahead of time. Even the Christmas tree is already up and would only need to switch ornaments theme. Would it have been easier to buy everything already done? Of course! However, I have been simplifying my routine, so I can have time for what really matters to me, and that is my family.

What is my simple Halloween treat about? Building memories and laughing with my family while showing my kids to use their imagination to be creative with whatever they have at hand. I want them not to feel limited but to use their imagination and creativity to reinvent themselves and keep moving forward.

Bonus: We are getting Lego building blocks set for the kids and putting it under the tree on Halloween morning, along with instructions on how to build a ghost and Jack O’ Lantern. No stress, but family memories. Oh, and we will be baking Halloween theme mini-pizza! Guess what we will be using for cutting them? You got that right!!! THE COOKIE CUTTERS!!! Bring it on!

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