A Simple Woman: The Beginning of a Journey


For the longest time, I have fantasized about the idea of doing something that is entirely mine. I wanted something that has nothing to do with work, kids, or household. Just something that makes me happy and brings me joy. Yet, there were always other responsibilities or commitments on top of work, kids, and household. It felt like life was getting clustered as days went by, and I was drowning in it, unable to keep my nose above it all just enough to breathe.

One day, it hit me hard. I realized my modus operandi was ALWAYS auto-mode. I was living my life but just completing multiple tasks simultaneously to getting everything done on a particular day and starting all over again the next. For many, on the outside, I looked all put together, strong, happy, such a perfect family portrait. People asked me how I managed to accomplish so much. Well, the truth, I looked like a superwoman, super wife, but was super tired. My body and mind were tired, and my soul felt broken. Even though I managed to get everything done at work, house, and kids’ routines, I never had time for what really matters. There was no time to nurture my mind, soul, body, or spend quality time and create memories with my family. At that point, I realized a change was a must. I wanted time for me, my kids, husband, family, and professional career. YES, you can say I WANTED IT ALL.

Today, I have found a way to simplify my life; it is still a long way to go, but now have more time for everything that matters to me. Most importantly, found something I feel passionate about and makes me happy and the reason for writing this blog. I want to share my journey to a simpler life and let those superwomen know that they are not alone. This is my journey. As I walk through it, new things will help me improve, so I can keep moving forward.

It has been a wild ride, but what is life without adventure?

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