A Simple Treat for Halloween

This may not be a simplified version of trick-or-treating, but a simple way to take advantage of the Halloween festivities and beginning of Fall season to have fun as a family and a simple treat. A few years ago, I thought my daughter was old enough to do something fun, other than dressing up, asking... Continue Reading →

The Magic of Meal Prep Planning (MPP)

One of the most stressful tasks during busy weeks and weekends for what matters was getting home to make dinner after a long day. I know some researches indicate cooking is therapeutic, but for me, just thinking about it sucked the happiness out of my soul. Yep, drama queen here! Sometimes I dreamed about having... Continue Reading →

A Simple Woman: The Beginning of a Journey

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH/ESPAÑOL For the longest time, I have fantasized about the idea of doing something that is entirely mine. I wanted something that has nothing to do with work, kids, or household. Just something that makes me happy and brings me joy. Yet, there were always other responsibilities or commitments on top of work, kids,... Continue Reading →

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