WELCOME to the Simple Woman: Just Try it blog. Get inspired and empowered to become a simpler woman. Join my journey as I find simplicity in the complexity that encompasses being a woman. I will be sharing my stories on how to simplify life as a woman, professional, and mom.

SIMPLICITY is the ultimate form of SOPHISTICATION.”

– Leonardo da Vinci

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Mommy Burnout: What Brings Joy and Happiness

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH/ESPAÑOL We tend to think the joy in the motherhood era is all about just being a mom and feel blessed for having our kids. Well, that is great, but we also need to ALWAYS remember our individualism. Responsibilities and to-do lists are part of the motherhood deal, but balance is crucial in this… Continue Reading →

Mommy Burnout: The Whats.

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH/ESPAÑOL This week I will continue with the mommy burnout topic. As mentioned in my last post, after feeling like falling apart, my first step was to ask myself the two whats. Today I will discuss the first one: What is burning you mentally, physically, and emotionally? This is key to simplify our lives… Continue Reading →

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